About The Lost Treasures

‘The Lost Treasures’ – a title evoking images of shipwrecks lying undiscovered at the bottom of the ocean or an ancient map where a giant ‘X’ hints of untold riches. Although not quite on such a swashbuckling scale, the tale of our Lost Treasures is none-the-less captivating, and it’s a tale that we would very much like to share…

The story began on a chilly November morning in a dark corner of The Art Group Archive. A storeroom of sorts, but one that nobody had really bothered to visit over the years. With its stark lighting and precarious piles of discarded samples blanketed in a thick layer of dust, you could understand why very few ventured beyond the locked door. Slightly spooky. You could almost imagine the tumbleweed! But there, at the far end of a narrow room, a small stack of handmade wooden portfolios with brass hinges, hiding beneath heavy cardboard boxes, long forgotten. Lying in wait for decades, no-one had any idea how they’d got there. But a discovery was made! And what treasure we found!

When I got the phone call last year about these lost prints, I couldn’t believe it! I recalled the original collection which had been launched over two decades ago. I had wanted a publishing contract for so long, and the new limited edition prints were the next step. They made me feel I was becoming ‘a proper artist’ at last! I clearly remember my first signings when my darling Moses was a pu. He was always sitting at my feet, good as gold. Brought a lump to my throat. Such treasured memories. So when I was invited to visit Art Group HQ last year and look at what they’d found, I jumped at the chance. I was excited and more than a little nervous. Would it be like visiting a graveyard of Mustard Past? But I needn’t have worried. After all these years the images were at once warm and familiar. It was like a fond meeting of old friends. We celebrated with cups of tea, glasses of squash and lots of chocolate biscuits. And we decided to call them the Lost Treasures."

We are thrilled to announce the discovery of these ‘new’ prints and to launch our ‘Lost Treasures’. We have a very limited number of vintage limited editions: ready numbered, newly signed and crisply mounted. Each edition was originally limited to 250 and there are only a few of each remaining. On some of the prints Sam has found time to add remarques: tiny drawings in pencil along the title line which helps make them all the more special and unique. The video shows some exclusive footage of Sam sharing some print origins, giving us an insight into the wonderful world of Mr Mustard and his friends as she remarques each print in the collection. ‘The Lost Treasures’ represent an exclusive opportunity to own a Sam Toft piece like no other - lovingly created, imaginatively customised, exquisitely framed and extremely limited.