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Lost Treasures By Sam Toft

Sam Toft (Flying Past The Blue)

Sam Toft (Flying Past The Blue)

What is it about bluebells? Perhaps it’s their delicious colour, their warm scent on the breeze or the way they seem to shimmer in the dappled light? For me, it’s the knowledge that there’s only really one weekend each year when they are at their absolute best. And, like me, one of Mr Mustard’s favourite pastimes in the Springtime is to ‘stalk the bluebells’… visiting all the likely places in rotation to get ready for that Magnificent Day. And here it is in picture form, especially for you: it’s truly one of those days when I really do feel like we’re flying…

  • Overall Frame Size approx 52 x 63cm
  • Print Size approx 38.5 x 50cm
  • Actual Image Size approx 26.5 x 35.5cm
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Lost Treasure
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  • Artist Proof

    An artist proof is connected to a limited edition print and produced as a test print before the actual production run. Once the artist is happy with the colours and quality, the artist usually retains a small quantity of artists proofs. These prints are not generally available to purchase on the open market, making them appealing to some collectors.

  • Remarqued

    A remarqued print refers to a print with sketches or comments added by the artist to the border, creating a unique “one-off” version.

  • Numbered

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    close to the image. Every print will have a unique number, and the total edition quantity added by hand at the time of signing by the artist.

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    An artist signature on a print adds value and authenticity and is always found on limited editions and A/Ps. Each print is hand signed by the artist, usually in the border close to the image.

  • Every product comes with an official Lost Treasure Certificate of Authenticity. The COA confirms that the picture is a genuine limited edition print and contains information about the image, the production technique and edition quantity.