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Lost Treasures By Sam Toft

Sam Toft (Maybe a Humbug Moment)

Sam Toft (Maybe a Humbug Moment)

Doris is a dog of impressive girth and a keen appetite. Never one to relish needless exercise, she needs to be encouraged in that regard with pockets full of ample sustenance. Aside from her penchant for a Tunnocks Caramel Wafer, her particular weakness is a butter humbug. The type with black and white stripes, just a thin crunch of minty exterior and a generous chewy toffee at the centre. Imitations will not be permitted.

  • Overall Frame Size approx 70 x 56.5cm
  • Print Size approx 63.5 x50cm
  • Actual Image Size approx 51.5 x 35.5cm
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Lost Treasure
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  • Artist Proof

    An artist proof is connected to a limited edition print and produced as a test print before the actual production run. Once the artist is happy with the colours and quality, the artist usually retains a small quantity of artists proofs. These prints are not generally available to purchase on the open market, making them appealing to some collectors.

  • Remarqued

    A remarqued print refers to a print with sketches or comments added by the artist to the border, creating a unique “one-off” version.

  • Numbered

    A limited edition print is always numbered, usually in the border
    close to the image. Every print will have a unique number, and the total edition quantity added by hand at the time of signing by the artist.

  • Signed

    An artist signature on a print adds value and authenticity and is always found on limited editions and A/Ps. Each print is hand signed by the artist, usually in the border close to the image.

  • Every product comes with an official Lost Treasure Certificate of Authenticity. The COA confirms that the picture is a genuine limited edition print and contains information about the image, the production technique and edition quantity.